Saturday June 20th 2004

Here today, up and off, somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! 
Kenneth Grahame

It is impossible to know what time it is, when you are in a room without windows, and because I had nothing to be in time for, I just let the minutes slip through my fingers. I now realized that I shared the cabin with two young men from Shwitzerland, who would hike on Iceland. They were actually very young and seemed to be extremely serious about that adventure.
So now I am here pondering on the fact, that I'd rather be in Italy or Thailand. A very special situation.
I bought a cup of coffee (Oh my God, 16 kroner) in the cafeteria and along with that I ate some brown bread and liver paste, I had briught from Denmark.
The boat i rocking a lot at the moment, so everybody I meet is using some kind of silly walk.
Now it would be a good idea for me to study my maps, so I can finally plan this trip.
My new "friends" are some very nice people. Up till now I have spoeken a lot with one of them whose name is Benjamin. He is 28 and used to be a teacher, but now he will study Geography. His friend is called Thomas, but at the moment he is sea sick.
Benjamin and myself spent a ciouple of hours together in the cafeteria. And once again I could not help buying the menu of the day, whis in this case was a dead bird. I was sitting next to a Frencg couple who obviously enjoyed whate they were eating, so I was tempted. Right now the roxking od the boat is not too bad.
I can live with it.


My new friend just offered me some Swiss chocolate. While we eat that we sit staring on the water. He is a very nice young man, and his English is excellent.
It is now 2.37 pm, and I have to relax, because I can run, but I cannot hide,
This very nice conversation had a very good influence on my mood.
I spent the rest óf the afternoon in the same way. I talked to people here and there. In the middle of the afternoon, we passed the beautiful Shetland Islands. But the ship just passed by.
My next crazy idea is now to go home one week earlier and then go to Italy or Thailand:
Probably Thailand.
Tomorrow I will meet the family from the Faroe Islands: I am sure it will be intersting. I wonder if my lack of interest in this trip will have any influence of my future career as a long distance bicycle rider.?
We will see.
I feel something dramatic is going to happen. It's time, I think.
I have tried to send text messages, but no net connection is to be found.