Tuesday June 22nd 2004

The weather forecast talked about a few showers, but it turned out to be rain all day long. When I left on the bike around 9 am, the rain was not too bad, but very soon it got worse, and when I had passed a mountain, I found out that waiting for a ferry soaked to the skin would be very unpleasant. I turned around and rode to Thorshavn, where another visit to the library revealed the mail of the day.
Dear me, how addivted one can get. I decided to try to continue the ride. But now it was even worse. Once again I passed the mountain side and was half way down on the other side, when it suddenly struck me, that I did nit actually wanted to do that ride in such a lousy weather.

I stopped the stunt, went back home and put the vehicle in pit.
After a cup of coffee, I once again went to the centre of the city. And once again I paid a visit to my beloved library, before I late in the afternoon, went back again. In the evening we watched the European Championship in soccer, where Denmark and Sweden played 2-2. We celebrated that result with strawberries and cream.
At 10.30 I called it a day.