"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers." Orison Swett marden


Monday June 21st 2004

Getting to Thorshavn, The Faroe Islands

We started crawling around at 4.30, because we were supposed to leave the cabins at 5 am. I cannot say it was extremely funny or even interesting, but there was very little we could do about it. I collected all my stuff before I went up to get a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.And then I only had to wait until they felt like opening the doors, so I could get to my bike.
That happened around 6 am. I succeeded in getting lost on the way to the bike, but there was plenty of time, so no need to panic.

When I had left the ferry, I took the ring road out of the town to get to the nice family that would put me up for a few days. I stopped the first perosn I met, and he explained to me, where I should go. Not very far, 5-6 km I think. I had to ask for the way a couple of times more. A little after 7 am I reached my destination. The family was waiting for me and right away I realized that they were extremely nice and friendly people. 
They serve a lot of special dishes from the Faroe Islands. One day I hope to be able to do something for these nice people when they sooner or later come to my part of the world. I had my own room with a wonderful old bed, where a vicar once slept. 
Little by little I learned that these were not only nice, they were also interesting people with a lot to tell. 
The man was called Sune, and he knew a lot about a lot of things, while Paula was the interested house wife and the rallying point of the home. I was told there was no Internet cafe in case I was that addicted (which I was), but I found out that the library had two computers with an internet connection. When I got there I was told that I could get a computer an hour later. I spent the time walking around in the city, but I was not really intersted in investigating the hidden secrets there. 
It was nice to chack the mail after 2 long days on the boat. Unfortunately nothing serious for me. "Back home" we had dinner, and after that Sune asked me if I had brought my driver's license: I cnformed that and he suggested we went for a ride up noth in his son's car.
The drive was around 100 km and it was extremely nice. Vi visited the northern part of the islands, where the nature was marvellous and we passed through a number of small villages.
The Faroe Islands are far to the north, and even if we did not get back home until midnight it was still light.
It was a wonderful trip.
Earlier that day the family had a visit by their daughter and son in law, who lived on Sandoy south of Stromoy, where Thorshavn is situated. The invited me to visit them for a cup of coffee, and I told them I'd like to, but not if it rained.